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Alex Goings

The Modding of Isaac – The Devils Harvest

Welcome everyone to the Modding of Isaac brought to you by SavoiurSect. Lets do this and scrub it up. Save

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Nintendo Direct 1-14-15

Fire Emblem – Being developed by the same team as Fire Emblem: Awakening. The game will have many more choices that will affect the world further than ever before. Puzzle and Dragons – Match 3 or more orb game to attack enemies, combos do more damage. There will be a Super Mario World version of the game also. Puzzle and …

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Mario Kart 8 Unlock Guide

Mario Kart has and always been about unlockable items so here is your guide to help you out. Unlike the other installments of Mario Kart characters are not unlocked by finishing a specific cup on a specific CC class like Daisy on the Wii you have to win the 150cc Special Cup but instead all of them are unlocked at …

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Review – Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

After all the struggles of Final Fantasy XIII has had since the first one came out I wasn’t looking at the final installment to be a game to stand out and bring satisfaction back into a long running game series. After playing Lightning Returns for a few hours, it was refreshing to see all the complaints on the first two …

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Review – Legend of Zelda Game Guide Box Set

The Legend of Zelda has been around for going on an amazing twenty-seven years and during that time there has been seventeen main games as well as many off shots made. With all these games there are so many secrets and items to find that make your journey through the games easier not all of them being easy to find, …

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Review – Zelda A Link Between Worlds

Twenty-two years ago A Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past came out. One of the best Zelda games and still a long standing favorite of mine to this day. When I heard A Link Between Worlds was coming out and watched the trailer I was insulted from the start to finish. Showcasing being able to become a painting …

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